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Model 660



  • Designed for front-mount applications only — no gardening implements can be operated with 660.

  • Hydrostatic drive.

  • Hydraulically controlled steering for easy maneuverability.

  • Axle width of 24'' (not including wheels)

  • Hi - low range selector provides two different top speeds.

  • Machine speed is controlled by EasyGrip lever on right handlebar.

  • Automatic parking brake with manual release mechanism.

  • PowerSafe clutch technology.


Equipped with hydrostatic drive and and hydraulically-assisted steering, the model 660 is a high-performance unit designed for tackling jobs that would be difficult or impossible with a traditional mower or tractor. Model 660 features a 16HP twin cylinder Vanguard engine to provide both the power and engine oil lubrication needed for slopes up to 30 degrees.


It is designed for use strictly with front-mount attachments. This tractor is the only tractor capable of running the biggest dual-action sickle bar mower available (over 6ft long). The model 660 has several wheel options to accommodate the large range of applications that the machine is suited for.

Financing is available with a credit approval.



  • Engine: Vanguard 16HP Twin Cylinder

  • Working Wheel Speeds: Low Range: 0 - 3 MPH High Range: 0 - 4.5 MPH

  • Dimensions: 58'' length x 24'' axle width

  • Standard Wheel Size: Variable

  • Transmission: Hydrostatic

  • Axle Configuration: 24'' Axle Width

  • Clutch Type: PowerSafe

Compatible Attachments

  • 30″ to 82″ sickle bar mowers

  • 32″ brush mower

  • 28″ snow thrower

  • Log splitter

  • 30″ and 40″ power sweeper

  • 38″ lawnmower

  • 30″ flail mower

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