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Model 732



  • Differential Drive with Lockout.

  • A fast transport speed to ride your tiller to the garden (requires sulky).

  • Easy-to-engage, shuttle-type reverse.

  • Anti-vibration handlebars that instantly adjust both vertically and side-to-side.

  • Battery not included for electric start tractors.


BCS model 732 is the most economical of the Professional Series. It has more features, more horsepower, and more versatility than any of the models in the Harvester series.

Differential Drive makes the tractor easier to maneuver by allowing each of the two tractor wheels to turn independently of the other. If one wheel begins spinning when you are operating the tractor in soft soil or on a steep slope, you can use the lockout lever on the right handlebar to immediately get positive traction.


The 732 has two forward and reverse speeds and one transport speed when you operate it in “tiller” mode. Its Kohler engine provides enough power to use the 30″ rear tine tiller attachment and many of the mower attachments; however, the lack of a third, faster working speed (featured on other Professional Series models) will limit your speed when mowing.

Financing is available with a credit approval.


  • Engine: Honda GX340 or Kohler CH395

  • Electric Start Option: Yes

  • Weight: 289 pounds (with 26'' tiller)

  • Working Speeds: 2 forward, 2 reverse

  • Working Wheel Speeds: 0.7 and 1.7 MPH

  • Transport Wheel Speed: 8.3 MPH

  • Standard Wheel Size: 4'' x 10'' (Kohler); 5'' x 10'' (Honda)

  • Transmission: All Gear Drive

  • Axle Configuration: Differential Drive with Lockout

  • Clutch Type: Double Cone, Spring-Loaded

Compatible Attachments

(Some accessories required for use with certain attachments).

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