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About BCS

BCS tractors are well-balanced, powerful and easy to use.

Each BCS walk behind tractor features a reliable automotive-style clutch and transmission with all-gear drive.

BCS “tillers” are not just rototillers. With the right attachments, you can mow, cut hay, chip and shred limbs, split logs, sweep roadways, shred, plow, till and more.

BCS attachments are sturdy and built to last. Once you learn the proper techniques, you can change attachments in just a few minutes.


BCS Features

  • All Gear Drive — Featuring heat-treated steel gears and shafts, the all-gear drive transmission on a BCS tractor provides extra durability, unmatched power and a low center of gravity that enhances stability.

  • Automotive Style Clutch — With no chains to break or belts to slip, the BCS clutch is mechanically efficient, trouble-free and user-friendly.

  • Precise Balance — When tilling, the tractor weight is centered over the tines for consistent, uniform pressure. No need to press down on the handles — the machine does all the work.

  • No-Time-Limit Warranty — Covers BCS tractor transmission parts, including shafts, gears, case, bearings and even seals for non-commercial use. Other components and attachments have a three-year warranty for non-commercial use.

  • Quick Reverser — Shuttle-type reverse makes backing up safe and easy.

  • Differential with Lock — Combining maneuverability and positive traction means less work for you. Included on models 732 and up.

  • Adjustable Handlebars — Instant adjustments and anti-vibration mounting provide comfort for all applications. These features are standard on many of our tractor models.

  • Easy Attachments — Change attachments in 5 minutes or less with our easy-to-use Quick-Hitch accessory

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