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Dual-Action Sickle Bar Mower


  • Cut saplings up to 1.5'' thick.

  • Swivel joint in input shaft allows bar to follow ground contours.

  • Optional oil bath transmission for smooth operation and longer life.

  • Each unit includes a complete replacement knife assembly.

  • Ideal for commercial operations.

  • Adjustable skids included and adjustable up to 3'' cutting height.


The sickle bar mower is one of our most popular attachments. It works with a scissor action, cutting off plant material at the base. Since it does not shred the cut material into small pieces, but leaves it whole, it can be used for harvesting hay and other stalk crops.

The Sickle Bar Mower uses less fuel and requires less power than other mowers, thus operable with smaller BCS tractors.​ Because there are no spinning blades, the Sickle Bar Mower does not throw debris, such as stones or mulch. It works well for trimming underneath fences or along slopes or the edges of ponds, since it follows ground contours.

The Sickle Bar Mower is available in 30″, 40″, 45″ and 53″ widths.

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