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Flail Mower



  • Automatic opening and closing front deflector.

  • Wear-resistant steel side skids.

  • Oil bath input gearbox with grease fittings on ball bearings.

  • Optional anti-skid rollers and lawn mower "scoop" blades available.

  • 24'', 30'', or 35'' working widths.

NOTE: The overall widths of each mower should be increased a total of 7'' to account for the caster wheels and belt cover.


We offer two flail mowers. This one (the Standard Flail Mower) and the Rollerblade Flail Mower.

The heavy-duty BCS “Blade Runner” flail mower has 42 vertically rotating “Y” blades that shreds plant material into a fine pulp that is evenly spread across the mowing width. Because it chops plant material so finely, it works well for mowing cover crops so that they will decompose quickly; however, the Rollerblade Flail Mower is superior for this particular use because it shreds plant materials to an even finer particle size.

The front bulkhead of the Blade Runner’s is designed in such a way that it will lift itself as needed based on the type and thickness of material being mowed. Like the Rotary Brush Mower, it can mow anything that it can bend, including saplings, thick brush and vines.

The cutting height is adjustable from 1/2 inch to 4 inches. The mower’s retractable caster wheels make the mower easier to handle and transport.

Note: we don’t recommend using this attachment with the model 722 because of its straight axles.

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