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BCS Implements

With many attachments to choose from, you’ll find what you need for nearly all of your tasks on the farm or homestead.

It’s quick to change implements, too. In only 5 minutes, you can remove your BCS tiller attachments and add a front mount mowing attachment.

Gardening Attachments

From tilling and plowing to row shaping and harrowing, BCS has a wide range of attachments to help you prepare and maintain your garden.


Precision Depth Roller (PDR)

A versatile accessory that transforms the BCS 30" Tiller into a hybrid attachment that combines the final bed preparation and cultivating advantages of a Power Harrow with the vegetation-chopping and groundbreaking abilities of a Tiller.


Rotary Power Harrow

An excellent tool for seedbed preparation, the rotary power harrow uses a horizontal stirring action, which reduces compaction, reduces disruption of the soil structure and helps to reduce weed seed germination.

Rear Tine Tiller

There are lots of uses for the BCS tiller: break new sod, prepare fine seedbeds for planting, cultivate between planted rows, and more.


Rotary Plow

The Rotary Plow is a powerful and effective way to prepare your soil. With it you can break new ground, "power compost" your cover crops, build raised beds, create drainage ditches and more.

Swivel Rotary Plow (Dual Rotary Plow)

The Swivel Rotary Plow (or dual rotary plow) is similar to the Rotary Plow except that it includes two plowshares that can be set to either throw soil to the right or the left. 


The Spreader attachment allows efficient spreading all types of amendments, from compost to sand while removing the strenuous efforts and saving time.


The Hiller/Furrower attaches behind any BCS tiller attachment to create a furrow in your seedbed while you till your garden.



Use the Ridger with your walk-behind tractor to form ridges and furrows in previously tilled soil.

Root Digger

Turn up potatoes and other root crops for quick and easy harvesting.


Plastic Mulch Layer

Lays 4-foot wide plastic mulch. Excellent for 30" wide raised beds.


Moldboard Plows

The Moldboard Plow attachment will turn your topsoil, burying weeds and previous crops. Both single ploughshare and double ploughshare models (swivel moldboard plow) are available.


The V-Cultivator works well for weed control between crop rows.


Snow Thrower - Two Stage

The Two-Stage Snow Thrower is specifically designed to tackle “the Monster” snowfalls. This implement will blow away drifted snow that is feet deep with ease and dispatch.  Rated discharge distances are up to 45 feet!

Snow Thrower

Snow shoots from the stainless steel discharge chute up to 40 feet, throwing dry, wet, and icy snow with ease without snow accumulating in the chute or rusting.

Snow Blade

Unlike the Dozer Blade, the Snow Blade features a curved shape to help roll snow without it sticking or picking up gravel. In addition, it comes with an adjustment lever at the operator's control to easily change the angle to five different positions.

Power Sweeper

Sweeping snow is the most popular job associated with this attachment, but its heavy-duty nylon bristles can sweep away debris on asphalt parking lots, driveways, sidewalks, rooftops and more.

Rollerblade Flail Mower

The Rollerblade Flail Mower, because it shreds materials to a fine particle size, is ideal for shredding cover crops to allow for quick decomposition.


Sickle Bar Mower

Like a high-powered hedge clipper at ground level, the sickle bar mower will cut leftover garden materials, brush and saplings up to 1/2" in diameter.


Dual Action Sickle Bar Mower

With two blades moving in opposite directions, the Dual Action Sickle Bar Mower cuts quickly and efficiently. It is available with or without fingers, depending on the material that is planned to be cut.


Maintain your well-manicured Texas lawn and get extra utility from your BCS tractor with a Lawnmower attachment.


Heavy-Duty Combo Mower

The Heavy-Duty (HD) Combo Mower is a versatile attachment that works both for cutting overgrown areas and for maintaining your lawn.


Standard Flail Mower

The heavy-duty BCS “Blade Runner” flail mower has 42 vertically rotating "Y" blades that pulverize plant material into a fine pulp that is evenly spread across the mowing width.


Rotary Brush Mower

The Rotary Brush Mower is ideal for clearing overgrown vegetation. Its 1/4" thick swinging blades can mow anything that it can bend forward.


Hay Rake

With this implement you can rake hay, grass and other cut plant material into windrows. Also able to function as a tedder and a lawn de-thatcher.

Mowing Sulky

With the Mowing Sulky, you can ride your BCS tractor while you mow.


Snow Removal Attachments

BCS makes a variety of snow removal attachments to move light to heavy snowfall.

Mowing Attachments

BCS makes a variety of mowing attachments to handle any type of mowing, from shredding overgrown areas to harvesting tall crops to mowing lawns.


More Attachments

Other versatile implements to meet a wide variety of needs. These include a Chipper/Shredder, Seeder, Log Splitter, Dozer Blade, Utility Trailer, Seeder and more!

BCS Accessories

We provide a wide variety of accessories to help make the job even easier. Some of these include: Tracks, Weight Kits, Wheel Chains, Extensions, Snow Thrower accessories and more.

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