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Molboard Plow




  • Turn topsoil

  • Bury sod, weeds, and previous crops

  • Swivel version enables plowing with a single furrow and cross-slope plowing

  • Special, larger plow available for model 750.

The Moldboard Plow attachment will turn your topsoil, burying weeds and previous crops. This method has long been used in traditional farming as a means to prepare soil for planting. 

When you break soil for the first time, you can use the Moldboard Plow attachment as an alternative to the rear tine tiller or the rotary plow, though after using the plow you will need to follow with one or two passes of the tiller to prepare a fine seedbed that is ready to plant.

Our second plow, the Swivel Moldboard Plow, has two plowshares. One rolls soil to the right, and the other rolls soil to the left.


In typical use, you plow a furrow with one plowshare engaged, then turn the tractor around (180 degrees) and flip the implement to use the other plowshare on the return path. This causes the soil to be rolled in the same direction on the return path as on the forward path.

Two plowshares are necessary when plowing across sloped areas because soil needs to be turned uphill for best results. The swivel plow also simplifies plowing on flat ground.

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