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Mowing Sulky


  • ​Steering brakes recommended (models 749, 750, 853).

  • Sulky frame can be easily removed/connected from flanges that are mounted to tractor wheels.

  • Sulky wheelbase width is 30".


The BCS Mowing Sulky, also known as the “working sulky”, is designed so users can ride while they mow. It is recommended to be used with the Professional Series tractor models featuring Differential Drive. The mowing sulky can operate any front-mount attachment, including the Power Sweeper attachment. 


Because the sulky is mounted from the wheel rods, this attachment can be used in areas such as steep slopes or even tight spots. Like the Utility Trailer, the Mowing Sulky inhibits the turn radius of the tractor, so sharp turns are not recommended due to a possibility to jack-knife.

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