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Power Harrow



  • Easily adjusts from 0 inches to 5 inches

  • Stirs the soil, like an eggbeater, to preserve soil structure

  • Prevents weed seeds at deeper levels in the soil from being brought to the surface

  • Metal mesh roller provides precise depth setting and helps level ground

  • Perfect for popular 30'' wide growing beds

  • 21'', 30'', and 32'' widths


The rotary power harrow, manufactured by Thivierge of Quebec, is an excellent attachment for preparing seed beds prior to planting. We offer it in three sizes: 21″, 30" and 32″.


It includes several sets of tines, which each rotate about a vertical axis (not horizontal like a rear tine tiller). Thus, they stir the soil in a motion similar to that of an eggbeater.


The horizontal stirring action of the harrow avoids disturbing soil layers and leaves soil structure intact, unlike the rototiller, which mixes topsoil with subsoil. This is healthier for  your soil because it does not disrupt the soil microbiology as much. The horizontal action also reduces weed seed germination by not bringing new weed seeds already in the soil to the surface. In addition, soil compaction is less, helping to prevent the formation of hardpan.


The power harrow floats independently of the horizontal axle of the tractor, allowing it to follow and level out rough terrain.


The harrow now features what BCS calls the “Josephine” lever, which allows you to quickly move the implement into the transport position at the end of the row to simplify turning. After the turn, you can use the lever to quickly return the implement to its previously set depth.

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