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Rollerblade Flail Mower




  • Lower dome produces smaller particle size in a single pass.

  • Full-length roller that is infinitely adjustable via an easy-to-use crank handle from 1/2 in to 2.5 in.

  • Wider and thicker blades than standard Flail Mower.

  • Position of the roller makes it easier to traverse rough terrain, such as V-ditches.

We offer two flail mowers, the Rollerblade Flail Mower and the Standard Flail Mower. Though they are similar, there are key differences that make each more suitable for a certain range of tasks.

Because it shreds materials to a fine particle size, this mower, the Rollerblade Flail Mower is ideal for shredding cover crops to allow for quick decomposition. For market gardening, this is an important consideration because it enables you to get your beds prepared and crops in the ground more quickly.

This mower is available in a single size, with a 30″ cutting width.

Although both mowers are able to mow anything that they can bend, because of the lower dome and the 2 1/2″ maximum cutting height, we recommend the Standard Flail mower for general purpose applications, particularly those in which you will be mowing tall, dense vegetation.

Compatible Attachments

The Rollerblade Flail Mower is compatible with BCS models 732 and up.

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