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Model 853



  • Differential Drive with Lockout.

  • Independent wheel brakes for turning and parking.

  • Easy-to-engage, shuttle-type reverse.

  • Anti-vibration handlebars that instantly adjust both vertically and side-to-side.


The BCS Model 853 is our best-selling model. It combines a third working speed with a fourth transport speed for greater versatility. With this model, you can power nearly all of the BCS implements and use the higher transport speed to get around quickly when using transport attachments like the utility trailer.


Models 852 and 853 are very similar. The difference is which mode the transport speed can be used in. For the 852, the transport speed can only be applied when you operate the tractor in front-mount (mower) mode. On the 853, the transport speed is only available in rear-mount (tiller) mode. Note that the 852 and 853 are the only models which offer both a transport speed and a third working speed.


In addition to the Differential Drive with Lockout being standard on all BCS Professional Series models, the 853 also features individual wheel brakes for increased maneuverability—especially helpful when making frequent turns.

Financing is available with a credit approval.


  • Engine: Honda GX390

  • Electric Start Option: Yes

  • Weight: 342 pounds (with 30'' tiller)

  • Working Speeds: 3 forward, 3 reverse

  • Working Wheel Speeds: 0.7, 1.7 and 2.7 MPH

  • Transport Wheel Speed: 8.3 MPH

  • Standard Wheel Size: 5'' x 12''

  • Transmission: All Gear Drive

  • Axle Configuration: Differential Drive with Lockout

  • Clutch Type: Double Cone, Spring-Loaded

Compatible Attachments

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