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Plastic Mulch Layer



  • 4 feet wide, which exposes up to 36'' of plastic on a normal bed and 30'' on a raised bed.

  • Extra set of disc "openers" included for use on raised beds.

  • Tractor mounting hitch included.

  • Oval Quick Hitch pin hole allows the unit to "float".

  • Side-to-side play at hitch point for steering ability if unit gets off course.


Useful for small-scale farmers and market gardeners, the mulch layer works with 4-foot wide plastic mulch. It is the ideal size for mulching 30″ wide raised beds that are not more than 6″ tall.


It simultaneously lays the mulch and covers the edges of the mulch on both sides with soil to anchor it. 

The unit provides several different adjustments so you can adapt its use for different types of soil.

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