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Rotary Plow


  • Break new ground

  • “Power compost” your cover crops

  • Build raised beds

  • Create drainage ditches

  • “Power hilling” and more


The Rotary Plow is a very popular attachment that is manufactured by Berta Franco Company in Italy. It is a powerful and effective way to prepare your soil. It can work your soil up to 12″ deep and 10″ wide with each pass.

Unlike a tiller, the Rotary Plow has four spiral blades that spin vertically. The rotational speed is 300 RPM.  The plow can effortlessly dig into all types of soil, even hardened, rock-filled dirt that has never been broken. This tool works well in areas with existing sod. It tends to chop and bury the grass and roots and does not tangle easily. By making multiple passes with the Rotary Plow, you can build raised beds.

The Rotary Plow will work on implements ranging from the 732 all the way up to the 750, including the 852 and 853. When using this attachment, you will also need Wheel Extensions.

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