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Swivel (Dual) Rotary Plow



  • Break new ground

  • “Power compost” your cover crops

  • Build raised beds

  • Form drainage ditches

  • “Power hilling”


The Swivel Rotary Plow (or dual rotary plow) is similar to the Rotary Plow except that it includes two plowshares that can be set to either throw soil to the right or the left. What this means in practical terms is that when you reach the end of a row, flip a lever on the attachment, and you can easily begin your return pass, throwing soil in the correct direction.


Each of the two plowshares spins at speeds up to 300 RPM and digs effortlessly into any type of soil, even hardened, unbroken or rock-filled clay. By making multiple passes, you can quickly build raised beds with this attachment.

It can work your soil up to 12″ deep and 10″ wide with each pass.


Because the attachment is heavy (150 pounds), we recommend adding a Bumper Weight Kit to the front of the tractor to help maintain proper balance. This makes it easier to turn when you reach the end of the row.

When using this attachment, you will also need Wheel Extensions.

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