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Brush Mower



  • Available in widths of 21″, 26″, and 32″.

  • Maneuvers well in tight spaces.

  • Can be used on steep slopes and walking trails.

  • Blades pivot, allowing them to “give” when hitting rocks or other debris.

  • 4″ cutting height.

  • Floating deck tilts to follow ground contours.


The Rotary Brush Mower is ideal for clearing overgrown vegetation. Its 1/4″ thick swinging blades can mow anything that it can bend forward.

The BCS brush mower is the tool of choice if you want a rough, non-manicured lawn to have a lawn-like appearance. This mower works well for mowing across steep slopes, along the edges of ponds and steams, through walking trails and more, and it can mow areas that are difficult to manage with 4-wheel farm tractors.

Note: the blades on the brush mower do not chop material as finely as our Lawnmower or Flail Mower attachments, so it is not ideal for mowing your cover crops.

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